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6 MTHS. ASI Kok Exclusive Baby Masihlah body weight less than Normal?

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6 MTHS. ASI Kok Exclusive Baby Masihlah body weight less than Normal?


Jakarta, my child is male birth weight 3, 8 kg, acquire exclusive BREAST MILK. Now it weighs 8 kg 6 MTHS .... Mmenurut info I read baby 0-6 bln. each month. ride 1 kg, what the cause of the lack of body weight baby? Whether the BREAST MILK of his less? Until now my baby is fussy and not healthy. Indra Gunawan (married Man, 31 years old.) ujangXXXXXXX @ yahoo. comTinggi body 168 cm, weight 70 kgJawabanBapak Indra Gunawan, first of all I wanted a memberikat salute on Dad and dear Wife who's been giving Exclusive BREAST MILK throughout 6 MTHS. at ananda. Ensure the adequacy of the body weight of the baby could not be worked out with ' go up 1 kg each month ', which is most fitting, can diliat from KMS ananda. If the position changes of body weight of ananda is in line of the color green, mean ideal. Dad need a standby if a natural body weight decreased to ananda read the yellow line, and selekasnya looking for a trigger. Baby with BREAST MILK, exclusive all 6 MTHS. as well as giving the addition of MP ASI home-sufficiency on the baby's age 6 MTHS. to the top would gain the nutritional adequacy and grow healthy. Children who are less healthy, generally coupled with discomfort that sometimes depicted with cranky. Well, it looks healthy and ananda fussy Yes Sir ... and it's best to see KMS ananda. Greetings, Irma Hidayana, KM (hrn/vit)


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