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Can Recur Suddenly, Multiple Sclerosis Difficult to Recover Total

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Can Recur Suddenly, Multiple Sclerosis Difficult to Recover Total


Jakarta, Almost the same as asthma, multiple sclerosis (MS) disease is not known in the cause of course and hard to be cured whole. He can suddenly come even though the actual patient has not had a chance to experience the mark throughout the years. MS is a disease that occurs when the body's immunity attacks the nerve sheath in question myelin. This destruction interferes with the communication of the brain with all the bodies until it can lead to paralysis. dr Yuda Turana, SpS, from the Department of Neurology FK UNIKA Atmajaya said up to now this is not necessarily what causes the disease. On the issue of MS an entrepreneur can be paralyzed but can heal once again being on a problem that severe paralysis can stay. Also read: Knowing Multiple Sclerosis that 'Tinkering' Pepeng Until The End of Hayat "" Healing remains until now we use drugs to reduce inflammation. Always we love symptomatic drugs to ease the signs that arise, for example because of MS muscles so stiff pain nah we love pain medication, "" said dr Yuda when contacted detikHealth on Wednesday (06/05/2015). Desirable with the healing the MS paralysis signs can be better as well as the patient can also continue his life. But Dr. Yuda's priority was not meaningful when the patient recovered his hinted that his MS had recovered entirely. "" As rich as asthma, how much do we believe we say he recovered the whole? Maybe he was exposed to exhaust fumes always recur once again. MS is also the same as that, "" continued Dr. Yuda. Because the trigger has not been known and rare in Indonesia, there is no special step to avoid MS. Dr. Yuda can only give advice to protect healthy lifestyle that is basically good to avoid various diseases. Related to that there is research that says that consume coffee can help make nerve protection to reduce the risk of MS. The research was based on the first study found in patients with brain cell disease, Alzheimer's, the cells are better when regular drinking coffee. "" If for MS I do not understand of course but if Alzheimer's is not surprising. From the first he (coffee-ed) was a stimulant of several nerve cells. Migraine's impact therapy also use coffee, "" explained Dr. Yuda. Read also: Study Calling Coffee Can Reduce the Risk of Multiple Sclerosis (fds / vit)



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